Tunneling and Underground
Committee Initiatives


GBR initiative – teaming with DFI Subsurface Characterization Committee

Geotechnical baseline reports are fundamental to all projects, but maybe all don’t see the benefits. If you don’t know what type of soil you are building on, the potential for issues both during and after construction increases. The goal of this initiative is to raise the awareness and encourage the adoption of required geotechnical baseline reports to help promote timely, safer and more fiscally responsible projects by providing a clearer understanding of the soil conditions.

Tunnel Segment Book

Committee members writing book on tunnel segment design and state of practice.

USACE Tunneling Specifications Review

Providing review and commentary on the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ newly draft tunnel excavation specification.

Support of Excavation State-of-Practice

White paper summary of the state-of-practice of excavation support methods and practices for tunnel construction.

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