Women in Deep Foundations
Committee Initiatives


WiDF Professional Development Grant Program

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WiDF Professional Development Grant Program provides opportunities to women involved in design and construction of deep foundations. The future of our industry depends upon diversity, which can be influenced by encouraging promising female professionals to remain in deep foundations careers. Professional development grants are awarded annually at the DFI Annual Conference in October.

Outreach – What is the Geotechnical Field?

This 5-minute video produced by the DFI Women in Deep Foundations (WiDF) Committee answers the question: “What is the geotechnical field?” The video features dynamic and engaging DFI members as they take you from the office to project sites and through the many roles available in the geotechnical field including designing, supplying specialty equipment, managing, constructing and more.

Women in Deep Foundations
Legends Calendar

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The committee put together this 2024 calendar highlighting accomplishments and successes of well-known female engineers who have influenced history and consequently the world. The goal is to inspire more women to pursue civil engineering degrees and have a positive impact on the global society and deep foundations industry. Proceeds from the sale of the calendars will benefit the WiDF fund of the DFI Educational Trust to carry out the committee’s mission of enhancing professional development opportunities for women in the deep foundations industry.

Converting Crisis into Opportunities Webinar Series

Launched by the Metro NYC WiDF group, this series of webinars includes guest presenters discussing thought-provoking issues related to moving past the COVID crisis to accepting opportunities it could provide for a better tomorrow.  Each webinar begins with a brief, uplifting arts feature including a musical or story contribution.

Conference Buddy Program

Pairs young professionals who are new to the industry with seasoned-conference attendees who are familiar, helpful, and supportive companions. Please email events@dfi.org to participate.

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Regional WiDF Groups

Regional WiDF Groups serve as a vital communication link between the local members and the central WiDF committee.

Metro NYC WiDF Group

Metro NYC WiDF Group is part of DFI’s WiDF committee. Group held its inaugural get together on July 30, 2018, at the AECOM headquarters in lower Manhattan. Please email lucky.nagarajan@bauerfoundations.com to get involved.

Pittsburgh WiDF Group

Pittsburgh WiDF Group meets a few times a year for coffee breaks, golf lessons, and networking. Please email techactivities@dfi.org to participate.

Mexico WiDF Group

Formed over the Summer of 2022, the Mexico WiDF Group is looking for opportunities to fulfill the WiDF mission in Mexico. Please email WiDFMexico@dfi.org to get involved.

India WiDF Group

DFI of India (DFII) formally launched a WiDF group during its 2018 conference at IIT Gandhinagar. The group is actively working towards the goal of empowering women in the industry, educating and encouraging young professionals about different prospects and opportunities, connecting academia and industry, etc.

Since 2019, WiDF India group has started a WhatsApp group where they discuss many diverse topic, technical and non-technical side of the industry, make plans, coordinate activities, etc. The group’s members also support each other and share their experiences, be it in the field or in the office.

Please reach out to activities@dfi-india.org to join WiDF India. Committee conference calls are held monthly.

WiDF Lanyards

Beaded name tag lanyards worn by men and women as visible signs of support for the WiDF program. The lanyards attract many questions – especially for male wearers – which provide opportunities to open a conversation about and show support for women in the industry. Over 300 lanyards are in circulation now, and proceeds support the WiDF program.

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Networking Receptions

Organized at DFI conferences to encourage meeting new people and learning about opportunities in the industry. Frequent regional networking receptions are also held.

Student Outreach

The WiDF committee supports DFI’s efforts to provide opportunities for students to learn more about STEM fields. Its resume critique/mock interview program is now part of the DFI Student Engagement Committee on which many WiDF committee members also participate.

Workshops and Mentoring

Professional development skills workshops and a mentoring program aimed at establishing, maintaining, and growing women’s confidence in the industry, improving communication and negotiation skills, providing access to mentors, career path guidance and highlighting corporate women’s initiatives.

Check Out WiDF in Deep Foundations

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