DFI Educational Trust Awards 11 Scholarships to Students Pursuing Careers in Civil and Geotechnical Engineering

since 2006, the trust has awarded almost two-million in scholarships to more than 500 students

The DFI Educational Trust recently awarded 11 scholarships totaling $38,750 to students pursuing careers in civil and geotechnical engineering. The scholarships went to the following recipients.

LANGAN Engineering & Environmental Services Legacy Scholarship Fund ($6,250 each)

  • Yaser Zafari, graduate student, is the recipient of the Bernard F. Langan Scholarship at Purdue University.
  • Kim Hertz, graduate student, received the Donald J. Murphy Memorial Scholarship at NYU Tandon School of Engineering.
  • Sary Nicolas, graduate student, was awarded the George P. Kelley Memorial Scholarship at Drexel University.

Manuel Fine Civil Engineering Scholarship Fund ($2,500 each)

  • Tess King, senior, Toronto Metropolitan University
  • Evan Nitschke, senior, Queen’s University, Ontario

Penn State Scholarship Fund ($2,500 each)

  • Matthew Griffiths, junior
  • Tracy Kinzer, graduate student
  • Roger Newman, senior

University of Pittsburgh Scholarship Fund ($2,500 each)

  • Jake Graff, senior
  • Cain Pfoutz, senior
  • Nathan Farabaugh, junior

The DFI Educational Trust manages 20 scholarship programs funded by endowments, donations and fundraising events. Since 2006, the Trust has awarded nearly $2 million in scholarships to more than 500 students studying at colleges and universities across the U.S. and Canada.

To donate to these and other scholarship funds, visit www.trust.dfi.org.

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