DFI Europe Hosting Webinar Series on Deep Foundation Performance Under Hazard Loading First Webinar on December 12

DFI Europe is organizing a webinar series, “Geotechnical Performance of Deep Foundations Under Hazard Loading.” This series features webinars focused on how deep foundation elements and systems perform under different natural and man-made hazard loading. The series includes research studies, case histories and reconnaissance observations. It also features speakers from different technical backgrounds and regional origin associated with the hazard performance presented in the respective talk. The first webinar focuses on the seismic performance of deep foundations under natural and man-made seismic loading. Those following are planned to be on foundation performance under flood and storm events, landslides, droughts and wildfires.

The first webinar, “Performance of Deep Foundations under Seismic Loading,” is being held on December 12, at 4:00 p.m. CET. The recent tragic earthquake events in Turkey and Syria show just how important this topic is.

The first seminar features three speakers on various deep foundation topics.

  • Raffaele Di Laora, Ph.D., University of Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli,” will present “Recent Developments on the Seismic Design of Pile Foundations,” using case studies and instruction on the seismic design requirements in Italy and Europe.
  • Tugce Baser, Ph.D., M.ASCE, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, will present lessons learned under the topic of “Geotechnical Reconnaissance Observations from the 2023 M7.8 Turkey/Syria EQ.”
  • Remmelt Mastebroek, Fugro, will also provide lessons learned in his presentation “Geotechnical Engineering and Seismic Hazards in Groningen, the Netherlands,” focusing on mining-induced earthquakes in northern Europe and the development of geotechnical seismic-resistant design guidelines.

Learn more and register at www.dfi.org/dfi-europe-webinar.

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